Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ebay Goodies - Lots of Palettes, I just received my purchases from Ebay 2 days ago and I have been trying out these products

72 Pro Neutral EyeShadow Nude Palette[PE14] 7.99usd. Great to bring for a wedding makeup job, most of the colours are matt, a few with a soft sheen for hi-light. Colours are pigmented and easily blended.

28 Piece 26mm Empty eye shadow Aluminum Palette 3.99USD. I used this to melt all of my lipsticks into a palette. It worked out great. I also mixed some lipsticks with pigments to make new colours.

6 Contour & Blush Bronzer Palette #2 Brown Style [PC02] 5.99USD. Colours are nice and pigmented.

6 Contour & Blush Bronzer Palette #3 Pink Style[PC07]5.99USD. The blush colours are very pretty in this palette. The pink is kinda like MAC's well dressed.

15 Eyeshadow Camouflage Concealer Palette [PC04] 4.99USD. Creamy texture, not drying at all, good selection of colours for different skin tones, mix well together to make new colours. I use a blend of light colours for under the eyes, and blend of the dark colours for contouring.

They are from a seller called: celia-makeup. The prices are amazing, and the quality is great.

Shipping and handling was $45.55, total for the order was $74.50. Well worth it for so many palettes. The parcel came nicely packaged.

The only thing is the palettes were not labeled, I had to manually label them with a label maker.

Love the stuff!