Monday, August 16, 2010

WOW, Red lips that won't smudge.

L'oreal Paris - Infallible lip colour compact

I would love to wear a red lip look once in a while, and channel that China doll look, but no matter what, the colour comes off, and it's just plain ugly when its a faded red lip look.

I watched the following video by one of my favorite makeup gurus on Youtube. My first thought was, "no way, it can't be that kiss/smudge/eat/drink proof". If you watch it, you will see how she rubs her lips and this lip product stays put.

My second thought was, "I gotta try this." Unfortunately, we don't have the particular colour (Beyonce from the STARS collection) that Kandee used in her video. As far as I know, it's not available in the Canada at the moment. The Infallible STARS collection also features colours that are inspired by Kate Hudson, Eva Longoria, Linda Evangelista etc. We only carry the regular Infallible lipcolour collection here in Toronto.

This lipcolour is $11.99 at Walmart and Shopper's. I checked out the colours available from the regular line and I wasn't impressed with the selection. However, there was one red colour that I did like. It was in the shade CRIMSON.

Here's a picture of it:

I applied 2 coats and then the topcoat

Crimson colour with MAC Dazzleglass in Date night, the dazzle glass has blue purple tones in it, which turns the red lip colour to a cooler red tone. Cooler reds help make the teeth appear whiter.

You must follow the instructions and let the lip colour completely dry before applying the topcoat. It also means you must correct any mistakes before the product is completely dry.

I don't love the feel of this lip product on my lips because it feels very dry. With the conditioning top coat applied, it feels a little better. I think this product is great for a BOLD lip colour. For the nudes/beiges/light pinks I'd still rather use regular lipsticks/glosses, but for a PERFECT red pout that will honestly last all day, this product is a HUGE must.

I rubbed my lips, I kissed my hubby, I went out for diner, I ate, and I drank. The colour lasted and lasted and lasted. Its amazing!

It's in fact so amazing that it can be quite difficult to take off. :) To remove it, you can't just simply rub it off with a piece of tissue. You must use an oil based makeup remover. The Sephora brand waterproof eye makeup remover works well. I'm also happy to say that my favorite Ponds cold cream that I use to remove makeup and clean my face every night was able to remove the lip colour with some gentle scrubbing with fingers. Olive oil on a cotton pad also does the trick.

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