Thursday, August 5, 2010

TRESemme Fresh Start DRY shampoo

Powdered shampoos are designed to work without water. It has been around since the 70′s and was traditionally sold in a shaker, but recently it is available in a more convenient spray bottle. I remember reading about them few years ago and slowly different brands started producing their own version. However, I remember that when I looked into some brands that sells dry shampoo, the price was just too much. Although the idea of washing my hair without water was new and intriguing, because of the price, I just told myself to wash my hair instead of spending something like $30 for a bottle of dry shampoo.

The other day I was reading the latest Lou Lou magazine and saw their "dry shampoo test for you" article. They compared 6 different kinds of dry shampoo. Some of the brands are KMS, Bumble and Bumble, Rene Furterer etc. All of them are $15 and more except for one, the TREsemme one, it is ONLY $6.49. It also scored well on the lou lou magazine test. They tested the shampoo's ability to absorb oil, boosts shine and refreshes scent. The TREsemme one scored 8/10, 2 points lost in the absorb oil part of the test. The Brand that score 10/10 was Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray at select salons, however this one is $22.

I've always liked TRESemme products, they are effective and well priced. I've been an loyal user of their heat tamer hair protecting spray, which protects the hair from heat damage.

Needless to say, I wanted to try this product out. I went to Walmart and found the dry shampoo there. After a few uses, I definitely like it, it added life to my hair between washes, and the fragrance is also very pleasant, it would be good to mask any odors in the hair between washes. This is an awesome product to carry in your gym bag, if there is no time to shower, spray a little of this, you'd walk around with fresh locks again. This product is not meant to replace washing hair with water and regular shampoo, but it does extend the time between washes.

It is actually a great styling product as well, you can spray some onto a comb and comb it onto the roots to create a root lifting effect to even freshly washed hair.

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