Thursday, August 5, 2010

Roomba iRobot Vacuum Cleaning Robot - The LAZY girls best friend

Roomba iRobot Vacuum Cleaning Robot - The LAZY girl's best friend

I don't like to clean, I do it because I must. I thought about hiring a cleaner, but doing 12 hour shift work means I have lots of time off. More specifically, I'm off 23 days out of every 42 days. Although working 12 hours shifts, a mix of days and nights, can be hard on the body, I can't really complain since there is also plenty of time to recover. So, with all the time off, I just couldn't justify hiring a cleaner and watch someone clean my space while I blog on blogspot. hahaha

What's my solution? I got a SMART Vacuum Cleaning Robot, I bought a ROOMBA. I waited for it to go on sale at Canadian Tire (don't remember the price) and got the iRobot Roomba® 530 model about a year ago. They have more advance models now.

This is my best cleaning buddy now - say bye bye to The Broom. It is fuss free, smart, and cleans like a charm with minimal maintence. All the maintenance it needs is to clean the brushes once in a while. Its good on hard wood floor, tiles and carpet.

To use it, you just simply charge it and press CLEAN. It makes this cute sound and rolls out of the charging base and starts to vacuum. It knows to turn when it hits obstructions, it knows to stop at staircases, and it's small enough to fit under the bed (it is such a pain to clean under the bed). It comes with 2 little gadgets to set up an invisible wall to keep it out of unwanted areas. After its finished cleaning your floors, it knows to return to its base and recharge itself. How perfect is that!

It was fascinating to watch it clean the first few times. Yes, I followed it around the house the first time I used it instead of blogging. Now, I set it out to vacuum and I'm free to dust, do laundry, do the dishes or do whatever. Thanks to the Roomba, I now have so much more time for everything else!

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