Friday, January 13, 2012

Colored contacts review Fresh look One-Day color contact lens Green

Hi all,

Today, I wanted to share a review with you,  that is coloured contacts I've ordered recently!

For those of you that don't know, circle contacts has been a huge thing in Asia for a few years now and has spread to North America lately.  They are iris enlarging contact lens that makes your eyes appear bigger, that's why they are aka Big Eyed contacts. Think cute babies with huge eyes/iris staring at you :)

I don't need glasses/contacts, therefore wearing them is simply for fun.  I have tried circle lenses in the past.  About a year ago, out of curiosity I bought some GEO brand circle contacts(popular Korean brand), the diameter of the lens ranging from 14.2- 14.5.

After trying them, I realized that circle contacts with 14.2-14.5 diameter are slightly uncomfortable for me, imagine constantly feeling like there is something in your eyes.  I do know some others friends that have tried the GEO ones don't seem to have the same issue as me.  After wearing a few times, I gave up and didn't want to bother with it anymore.

Recently, I started getting the itch to play with colored contacts again, and since I wasn't too fond of the GEO ones, I decided to research COMFORTABLE circle colored contacts, with a SMALLER diameter.  After reading blog reviews and watching Youtube video reviews. I have found this site: Contact Lens xchange based out of Singapore.

I browsed around and ordered a few different kinds based on my research.  Shipping from contactlensxchange was fast and without issues.

In today's post I'd like to share FRESH LOOK ONE-DAY color contacts with you - in green. They also come in blue, hazel and grey.

They are 13.8 in diameter and has a 55% water content.

Here is a photo of me with it on, needless to say my normal eye color is a dark brown.

A close up of the eyes

As you can see in the picture below, it has only a slight enlarging effect, but I thought the overall green effect is great and gives my eyes an interesting finish.

After wearing them, I have to say they are much more comfortable for me than the ones I've tried in the past and would LOVE to try the other colors next.

I also ordered some One Day Acuvue ones with slight enlarging properties that I will share in subsequent posts.

Thanks for reading!


  1. These are the Velour lashes in the Style are those real? :)

  2. Your eyes are gorgeous with your natural colour and the contacts! Pretty lady ;) x

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  5. Hi,

    Great review - you look great in the contacts. How much did those contacts cost you? We've got a contact lens store based out of Hong Kong and we've probably have the best prices around :)

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