Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: Velour Lashes - Strike a Pose

I was SUPER excited when I received my very first pair of Velour Lashes. Why?  You might ask, because no other falsies I've tried in the past speak LUXURY like these super soft lashes by Velour.  They are individually HANDMADE with 100% authentic mink Fur.  Let me put it this way, these lashes are the Chanel of lashes. They are high quality, super luxurious, beautifully packaged and can give any makeup look you are going for an extra boost.  I got the style Strike a pose, you can see more lash styles and instructions  on how to use them on their Website.

Some of you may wonder, poor mink animals, seriously? For LASHES? If you read the Velour FAQ page, they specify that the mink fur is gently brushed from live mink animals and sterilized to ensure they are hypo-allergenic.  No worries there!

Falsies are a must have in my makeup bag.  I wear them often and have tried many different kinds. From cheap to expensive, I have even tried lash extensions. I honestly must say, these mink lashes are really IMPRESSIVE.  They are soft, natural, lush and most of all SUPER Light weight. As a makeup artist, many of my client's shy away from falsies because they can be uncomfortable to wear if you are not use to them. These Velour lashes wears beautifully and so comfortable that you forget they are even there.

Another thing I noticed that is great about these lashes is the curvature on the lash band. They are curved to the shape of your eyes and that makes application super easy. I just had to apply glue and place the lashes on and DONE! I didn't have to wriggle the lash around to make sure the inner corners stick and then make sure the outer corner doesn't lift. I think anyone who's had trouble with falsie will understand what I mean.

I'm not going to lie, these lashes are seemingly expensive, I did say they are like the Chanel of lashes, but if you take care of these lashes properly, they should wear up to 25 USES.  With that information, one can do the Math, $39.99 a pair/ 25 uses = $1.40 per wear. Which is not that bad, because your average lash that costs $5-6 a pair doesn't usually last up to 4-5 wears, well, at least not for me.

My lashes arrived via mail, it was good to know that Velour utilizes SUPER FAST shipping service, my lashes arrived very quickly, no long anxious waiting time for me.

Take a look at the beautiful packing:

Beautifully full, soft and natural

A Quick Look at the Lashes on! LOOK at how natural and lush they are
For more information and actual videos on how to care for Velour lashes and store them. Check Here.

I will be posting a Tutorial with these lashes shortly after this post. Stay Tuned.

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  1. They seriously are great...I am in love! And I totally forgot to mention the curve of the band! You are right, it made applying them so much easier :)

  2. I know! I think I want to get some other styles! Oops Naughty me looks amazing as well!

  3. wow! Ti these lashes look AMAZING!!!!

  4. @Holly, I know DON'T they. I luv them!

  5. I'm from Toronto, too, and I love that Velour is a Toronto-based company. I have GOT to get me a pair of those!

  6. They are pretty amazing! The lashes range from natural - dramatic. i.e are those real are really natural and great for everyday and strike a pose is a bit more dramatic and fun.