Monday, September 19, 2011

Velour Strike a Pose Inspired look!

This is a follow up to my previous post.  I simply find the names of the falsies by Velour cute and inspiring. Just to name a few, Lash in the city, Are Those Real? Style me Kardashia etc. To see more styles, click HERE.

The pair I have is called Strike a Pose and this is the look I created inspired by the cute name of the lashes. To learn more about the lashes click HERE.

It is an shimmery edgy smokey look! Great for a night out! It is dramatic and makes a statement.

The following will be a Step by Step Tutorial on how I created the look.

For a list of products I used please check out my look on Makeupbee by clicking HERE.

Step 1: Apply Eye shadow primer to the lids

Step 2: Use a pigmented black eyeshadow

Step 3: With a small Shader brush, outline the black outer V shape in the outer corners of the eyes, should look like the following

Step 4: Blend with blending brush, should look like this.

Step 5: Fill in the bare part of the lid with a white cream base with a small shader brush.

 Should look like this:
Step 6: Set the white cream base with a matte white eyeshadow.

Step 7: Tab a very small amount of Glitter Glue to the part of the lid with the white eyeshadow.
Step 8: Apply a white glitter on the white part of the lid for extra sparkle.
Should look like this, the shimmer doesn't pick up that well on photo, but trust me, it shines. :)
Step 9: Finish with Velour - Strike a Pose Lashes

Finished look
More pictures:

Hope you like the look

Til the next time...


  1. Sooooo flippin cute!!! Great tutorial! Think I'm going to try it for the weekend, even though its Monday :) gives me time to practice tee hee

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the white winged look! You're sooo pretty!

  3. You look so stunning Ti! And you make it all look so easy!

  4. gorgeous look! I bought a pair of velour lashes from reading your reviews.. can't wait :)

    -Laura (yt: spinnelrain)

  5. @la - That is awesome! Luv to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks ladies for your comments!

  6. pretty!!!!

  7. you are great with makeup! i wish i could do makeup, and its so hard to do on asian eyes i feel like... yours always looks so fab

  8. @ jess and Viv - thanks ladies.

    Viv - makeup takes some practice, especially blending eyeshadows, but once you know what looks good on you and practice a little it will look amazing. LUV YOUR fashion sense.

    Jess - Awesome blog - I'd luv to invite you to a makeup lovers community.

  9. I love your make-up looks!I am happy to follow you!
    This look is amazing!
    You are so pretty!

  10. Thank you Alexandra! Luv yours too!

  11. This is so beautiful, love this look :)

    Xo Christine♥

  12. i nominated you for an award!!! check this out!!!

  13. @Jess Thank you SOOOOO much! Just posted on your Blog too.

  14. Gorgeous eyemake up <3 ur so pretty too! i love that make up forever eyeshadow palette omg. how much is that? hehe
    btw, I'm a new follower =)