Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Add texture and volume to long hair - Schwarzkopf Professional Osis + DUST IT mattifying powder

Hi all,

I discovered this HAIR product while watching one of my fav makeup gurus on Youtube and was amazed what a few shakes of this powder can do. I had to go buy it and try it for myself.

I have long hair and loves the look of fluffy voluminous textured beachy waves, but have yet to find a product that can do that without weighing the hair down. Well, until now.


Here's my hair post 1 day of washing

Dust it powder in a little bottle

You just shake some on your hair, a tiny amount will do, I dusted it all over my hair here on one side, but you can't quite see the white powder on this photo.

Then, you just fluff it with your hands, toss it, scrunch it. Can u see the difference?? The right side(your right) has the product. Do you see the added volume at the roots and thru out the hair on the right side?

K now both sides are even.

Another look at before and after, nice fluffy voluminous hair from a little shake shake shake, fluff and a scrunch.

I also tired this on short hair (my hubby), didn't work as well, his usual solid wax type of products worked better for his short hair.

Love love love this.

Til the next time...