Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cool new Nail Polish Over Glaze Nails Inc London

Hey guys,

Wanted to share this new Nail Polish I've purchased recently at Sephora and LOVE! It is the Nail Inc Special Effects Over glaze Polish.

As you can see from the image above, it is a kit with 2 polishes. A dark colored polish and a special effect over glaze.  The over glaze is what caught my eye, it totally transforms any polish. To demonstrate.

Here's the dark polish in the kit by itself

With the Over Glaze on Top, see what it does? Beautiful 3D effect with lots of flecks for multicolored shimmers.

It will transform ANY POLISH, here's a blue polish that I already own.

After the Over Glaze

I personally think the Over Glaze Top coat looks better with darker nail polishes.  However, it can give a angelic look if worn over a white Nail polish.

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  1. This is beautiful!! I definitely have to get this, thank you for sharing!