Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two

I recently picked up the Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two Limited Edition Polish Set for the holidays. 

What it is:

A stunning, 22-piece collection of mini nail lacquers in an array of classic creams, bright neons, cool chromes, and splatter-effect top coats. 


$66 for the set, which works out to be $3 for each polish, a great deal IMO.  

What is in the set:

Racy (metallic lavender)
Rocket Fuel (metallic graphite gray green)
Need For Speed (metallic silver)
Vroom (metallic rose gold)

Xplosive Top Coats: Glitters
Bionic (light lime green and black confetti)
Wham! (white confetti)
Turbulent (light turquoise and black confetti)

New Neutrals, Regular polish formula
Thrilling (opaque heather grey)
Infatuated (opaque powder blue)
Unmistakable (opaque light jade)
Brazen (opaque light pink)
Extraordinary (opaque blue grey)

New Classics, Regular polish formula
Indelible (opaque violet)
Dark Matter (opaque patent leather black)
Flashy (opaque classic red)
Eureka (opaque hot pink)
Omni (opaque beach ball blue)
White Matter (opaque bright white)

Electrics, Regular polish formula
Radioactive (electric bright green)
Zap (electric limoncello)
Haphazard (electric purple)

Transformers Top coats, glittery top coats
Meteoric (black and white confetti with rainbow micro sparkles)
I tried some of the polishes and I have to say I love this set and I can't wait to try the rest of the colours. I use OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener as my base coat and Sally Hansen Mega Shine as my top coat, the polishes are long lasting and takes about 2 coats for an opaque finish. 

Below are some images and swatches, I will share more in subsequent posts as I wear them.

From the Chromes Finishes - Vroom & Vroom Swatch (metallic rose gold)

From the Chromes Finishes - Rocket Fuel & Rocket Fuel Swatch  (metallic graphite gray green)

From the Xplosive Top Coats - Wham! (White Confetti)

From the New Neutrals - Thrilling (opaque heather grey)

Thrilling + Wham!

Til the next time...

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