Sunday, June 6, 2010

LUSH - the lushlicious fresh handmade cosmetics

You can't miss Lush when you are walking pass it because of the gorgeous smell of their products. I've never tried anything from Lush before, lately I've taken a interest and watched a bunch of Youtube videos reviewing the products, i.e best of lush, top 5 from lush, must haves from lush. etc.

So, I've come up with a shopping list and went to get some goodies. I like Jasmine and Vanilla scents, so most of what I purchased are of those scents.

Lookie at what I got, yum lush stuff:

Bath Bombs
- things that you can threw in your bath, it fizzs, changes the colour of your bath, adds a wonderful scent and some will moisturize your skin.

Space girl - the purple planet looking one
The comforter - the square pink and white one
Butter ball - the milky coloured egg shaped one
Sunny side - the golden glittery one

I got their best selling soap: Honey I washed the kids

Ocean salt - one of most popular face and body scrubs.

Shower Gel:
Flying fox - strong Jasmine scent, a little bit lathers up to bubble heaven. Can be used as bath foam as well.

Body butter - body moisturizer in the shower for lazy ppl like me that doesn't apply cream to their body after they shower.
Buffy - coco and shea butter with aduki beans and scrubs your body as it moisturizes
King of skin: masses amount of oil and butter that lefts the skin luscious and smooth.

Shower Jelly - jelly form of shower gel that you can store in the fridge for a cooling shower:

Sweetie pie- cherry and coconut infusions, great fun in the shower.

Puff powder

Vanilla: great to have after a workout in the gym to refresh and soak up the sweat. Also use in sneakers, shoes as foot powder or in hair as dry shampoo.

I also got some samples.

Big Shampoo - volumizing and clarifying shampoo for squeaky clean hair. Not to use everyday, everyday use can be drying.

Retread Conditioner - Intense hair treatment

Angels on bare skin - gentle facial scrub


Flying fox shower gel - it smells like I stepped into a beautiful Jasmine garden.
Buffy and king of skin body butter - I NEVER have to cream my body again after showering hahaha, leaves my skin smooth and soft.
Honey I washed the kids soap - smells wonderful and not drying on the skin.
Big shampoo - although not for everyday use, but it is great to deep clean your hair of built up hair products.
Ocean scrub: great to use once-twice a week for smooth skin all over.

That's it for now...

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