Thursday, October 24, 2013

One of my fav mascaras - Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara (Asian Brand)

What it is: 

KISS ME Heroine Make Mascara Volume & Curl S is a fiber-in, curl set polyma extract, and volume up wax to volume and curl your eyelash keep stay long lash and treat moist and shine. This well protect your mascara from sweat, water, grease, and even tear proof self-curl mascara.

  • Did the product meet your expectations? 
    • Absolutely, Asian lashes tend to grow downwards and can be hard to curl. This product keeps the curl and is amazingly water resistant.  
  • How does the product compare to other similar products in the marketplace with which you have experienced? 
    • I personally love using mascaras from Asian Brands in general, I think they are better suited for Asian lashes compared to western brands.  
  • What features of the product do you like or dislike?
    • Likes
      • Keeps the curl
      • water resistant, doesn't smudge
      • doesn't clump easily
    • Dislikes
      • Hard to remove unless you use a waterproof eye makeup remover, the oil cleanser that I use daily works well
      • Not as readily available in Canada, need to purchase online like Ebay and Amazon
  • Would you recommend the product to others
    • Absolutely 

No Mascara, uncurled lashes

No Mascara, uncurled lashes
Curled lashes - one coat of mascara

Curled lashes - two coats of mascara

Curled lashes - two coats of mascara

Curled lashes - two coats of mascara

Let's Score It  

Repurchase it? 

Yes and many times




Lasting power?



Depends, I got my for $15 from Ebay

Where to buy?

Ebay Sellers
If you are in Toronto - Pacific Mall

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