Monday, September 27, 2010

Show and Tell - Teddy Eye Kohl by MAC

This Teddy eye kohl by MAC is one of my favorite eye kohls when I don't want to use black. The Deep bronze colour of this liner is great for all eye colours, but it isa particular great for green/blue eyes . This liner combined with bronze or red/orange toned eyeshadows is lovely for girls with blue/green eyes. 

WHY? This goes back to basic colour theory. Complimentary colours intensify each other when placed side by side. If you look the the diagram below you will see the colour wheel, complimentary colours are colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel. As you can see opposite to blue/green on the colour wheel is orange/purple.

However, many of us would not put on bright orange/purple eyeshadow on a daily bases. However, Eyeshadow/liners that are in the wine/plums/reddish bronze family still have the same effect. These colours are much more wearable. 

To demonstrate, here's a before picture of one of the bridesmaids I worked on who has pale blue eyes.

Here's the after picture. I used the Teddy eye kohl blended out with MAC Bronze, Mulch and Woodwinked eye shadows. See how the reddish bronze warm tones in the Eye kohl and eye shadows made her eyes pop?

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