Friday, July 23, 2010

BEST Foundation EVER - luminous silk foundation by Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

Luminous silk foundation by Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

One of my girlfriends introduced me to this foundation. She raved about how wonderful it is. Since this is not a cheap product, it took me some time to work myself up to purchasing this foundation.

It can be purchased at Holt Renfrew (not available at Sephora). I went to Holts and asked for samples of a few different shades. One that is matched to my skintone, one that is lighter and one that is darker. I always recommend that you do this if you can before purchasing a new foundation, this way you can take the foundation home and see how it looks on your skin under different lighting.

I have tried many many many foundations in the past, from drugstore brands to high end brands. After trying this foundation, I fell in love with it. It is by far THE best foundation I've ever used on myself and clients.

I've used this foundation along with the my favorite La Mer powder on a bride recently for her wedding day. The result was amazing, it gave her that beautiful glow, and she barely needed any touch up through out the day. This product for me is worth every penny.

It has medium coverage, it is super long lasting, and so blendable. It glides on to the skin like cashmere. I apply it with my MAC 130 dual fiber brush and the result is flawless skin.

I have normal - combination skin, I don't know how this product would be for sensitive skin or acne prone skin. I purchased shade 4.5(lighter) and 5.5(darker), I mix the two together in different part to match my skin tone. No one is the same shade throughout the year since we are all paler in the winter and tan in the summer. With two foundations you can customize your shade throughout the year and tweak the foundations to match your skintone perfectly.

Since I've tried it, I have recommended this product to others. Everyone and anyone who's tried it also loves it.

Go get a sample and give it try, you might love it too.

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